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A collection of websites curated and designed by the students of RMIT’s Master of Communication Design. It features their work completed in the duration of the Curating and Exhibiting Design course — a reflection on online exhibitions and curatorial practices.

A Guy Called Chai (2023)

A creative interpretation welcomes you to stroll through Clarence Chai’s varied designs, drawings and photographs from the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Categories: Photography, Fashion Design, Graphic Design

Pieter Huveneers: Beyond Borders (2022)

An immersive experience showcasing the graphic arts of an internationally renowned Communication Designer - Pieter Huveneers and highlights his successful career.

Categories: Drawing, Graphic Design, Illustration

Folding Social (2022)

Folding Social explores ‘100 Finnish Social Innovations’ taken directly from a book that highlights Finland’s history of progressive ideology.

Categories: Paper Craft, Illustration, 3D Installation

Alex Stitt: A Stitt in Time (2021)

This virtual exhibition celebrates Alex Stitt’s humorous yet witty approach to graphic design and animation over the course of his career.

Categories: Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration

Les Mason: Mind Play (2020)

Explore the prolific works of Les Mason, which has been instrumental in establishing the foundation of graphic design and introducing it as a profession in Australia.

Categories: Collage, Graphic Design, Illustration