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Hongjiu Wang



Abandoned Flowers

Braulio Amado is a Portuguese graphic designer and illustrator. His works mainly have two series: portraits and flowers. I chose the flower series as inspiration for my typography design.

Since last year, I have begun to pay attention to some abandoned objects around us. All these objects resonate with me when I see them, so I used this as a starting point for my design. I think the discarded flowers in the trash can have the same feeling as the discarded items that I pictured before. I plan to use flowers in the bin to express the feeling of being abandoned, and I will also use Floriography as one of my references to design flowers with stories.

I use flowers and leaves as the main body of the design. I distinguish the colour of flowers from other elements to enhance the contrast. And also, use the complex and interlaced shapes of plants to express their complex emotions. I put them in the trash in order to put them in a specific environment to express an atmosphere.

I want to do a concept type, and I don’t want to limit my typography to a current form because I think words are not the main focus. I believe the use of a body or objects can be used to create forms of communication successfully, just like the abandoned flowers will talk to me directly in some ways.