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Admit Your Unconscious Bias Though Self-Education

This is what happens to us in our daily life: Some people will think that all women are driving slowly. Someone we will think they are too fat to self-discipline. We just can’t control it, even speak about it, then develop this concept further even harm those people. Because we don't consciously realize that it is unconscious biased. Unconscious bias is a quick and often inaccurate judgment based on limited facts and our own life experiences (from Microsoft UBT training). If we don’t understand it well, It will have a disadvantage in our social life. However, Majorities of unconscious bias training (UBT) are very formal, Only the people who have self-conscious of their unconscious bias willing to take the training, while those who do not think they have bias will not be willing to learn. So, how can visual communication designer do something for it? My book Getting Rid of Bias: De-bias Guidance is the answer to how visual communication designers help individuals lessen their unconscious bias in China. The book is classified into two parts, first is teaching people unconscious bias by using pufferfish as a character. The second part is teaching readers how to de-bias by using the step to react and case studies. This exciting and systematic guidance can successfully help some readers de-bias, supported by my user testing.