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Chenchen Wang

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All About Fire

All About Fire

Design origin
The course of this assignment was inspired by a font artist who we are interested in, to design a set of fonts. The designer I chose was Inex Cox. Her work was concise and not fancy. I especially like her printing style with different shades of polka dots. 

About my design
I felt the dotted elements in Inex Cox’s work were like ashes as a result of elements being burned by fire. I chose 12 Chinese characters with fire as the radical in the font. They all represented food in relation to fire such as lamp, cannon, stirfry, etc.

After the glyphs were designed, I drew them on sulfuric acid paper, cut them out, and baked the edges with a lighter. After sulfuric acid paper comes into contact with fire, amazing things happened, white bubbles formed on the edges, forming a special texture in the process. 

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