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Jennifer Lea

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Challenging Perfectionism Through Plein Air Painting
Summer of Trade: Twilight Picnic



Challenging Perfectionism Through Plein Air Painting

How can the practice of plein air painting challenge perfectionism in painters?
This research project developed through the us of iterative action research cycles, self participant observation, journaling, and connecting my reflection to texts by and about historic and contemporary plei air painters. The narrative of this project will be told chronologically with my journal reflections weaved through the exegesis Ironically, plein air painting intensified my perfectionis and lead to frustration and feeling like a failure. In the process of reflexive research cycles and researc into other plein air painters, I realised my systemati approach to plein air painting was the issue. By removing the barriers of public exposure, concern for planning, and focus on realistic depictions, I could approac plein air painting more freely, unburdened from the expectations of realism and tradition.