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Rohan Hutchinson



Considered Environment Exhibition

Considered Environment: was a part of Melbourne Design Week 2022. An exhibition I curated and led at the Centre for Contemporary Photography in collaboration with the NGV, the National Library of Australia, and the Yukio Tabuchi Museum, Japan.
Considered Environment was centered around pioneering mountaineering photographer Yukio Tabuchi, and his lifelong research into the Japanese Alps, its ecology, and geology. This work highlighted the advancements in design, printing, and technology, in return presented in a series of experimental and articulated page spreads that would then become his ground-breaking publications. Alongside this sits the editorials from Camera Mainichi, a magazine responsible for exposing the first look at content that would then become the most highly regarded and collectible photobooks of all time. The exhibition explores the experimental publication design of the era, the future vision of photobook design that broke away from tradition and, in return, created an expanded vision for publication design practices.

The exhibition used learning from the Curating and exhibiting communication design unit to focus on curating concepts and international copyright issues. The process of curating the show opened up new avenues to experiment with and concentrate on presenting historical work in a contemporary setting, at the same time, working with institutions, both local and international.

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