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New: Typographical Forms of the Past, Present and Potential Future

Combining Anglo-Saxon runes “Futhorc”, Helvetica and a series of randomly generated shapes through developed javascript code. Each rendition of the code offers an entirely new random layout of circles and squares in either negative or positive space, which is dictated before generation. Theoretically blending past, present and potential future with the outcomes and experiments displayed in a publication. Part 2 investigates machine learning in the form of a StyleGAN which fit in nicely with the theme of futurism. A StyleGan learns through studying thousands of images of the same subject and creates its own interpretation; thus creating something truly original and this was applied to the “New” typographical forms. Part 3 perpetuates the path of machine learning as a way to create more original and unique typographic forms. Part 2 saw the StyleGAN learn from bird illustrations, therefore in part 3 I gathered observable material relating to the life cycle of birds and allowed the StyleGAN to manipulate the New Typography against its learnings from the data I selected. These StyleGAN outcomes can be seen on the website I have linked on this page.