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Yunxi Shao

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The Fresh DNA

The Fresh DNA

In this project, I am responsible for the threshold design of RMIT Human Biosciences Building B201. This is a long empty space between two RMIT buildings with cold wind blowing all the time. My design goal includes improving the appearance of the long space, and adding more functions in the space, such as information display and leisure function, in order to give the students of human biological science a more fresh and comfortable campus environment. Considering that the students of human biological science need to analyze the human structure and human diseases, I drew a related and interesting wall painting to decorate the wall, which not only has the characteristics of human biological science, but also can reduce the students’ learning pressure. In addition, I also designed a sculpture shaped like DNA, because DNA is the basic analytical element of human body. It is not only a statue, but also a chair for rest. As novel coronavirus pneumonia is in the process, I also drew a landscape painting, including health care tips such as hand washing, to remind people to pay attention to health. At night, the warm light after the wall painting will illuminate the whole corridor space.

#Wayfinding    #Illustration