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Women in Munitions

As part of the Communication Entrepreneurship Studio course, we were tasked with creating a timeline for the Living Museum of the West. The project looks at the role of women in munitions, specifically focusing on the women who worked at the Colonial Ammunition Factory, which was at the forefront of ammunition production during World War I. The timeline ranges from 1888 when the factory was established to the 1940s, a little after World War II began. In order to produce a more detailed outcome, the timeline was divided into 3 timestamps: 1888-1900, 1901-1920, 1921-1940 The overall design is quite simple, using a combination of the Museum's brand colors, black and white imagery, and beige textures to produce a collage aesthetic. Additional design elements comprise a Rolodex-like interactive element which can be viewed at HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: The information in the timeline has predominantly been sourced from - ‘The Forgotten “Girls” of World War I’ and ‘Munitions Diary’, both acquired from the Living Museum of the West website.

#Environment    #Activism