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Bhavyaa Kumar

Projects List

Socially Responsive Advertising - Heineken
Applied Experimental Typography - DAG World
UI/UX - UniCon App



Applied Experimental Typography - DAG World

The project aims to develop and apply a series of typographically-driven interventions into the existing design of the DAG World website introducing parasitic counter narratives.

My central theme is “Challenging the Elitist Art Gallery and Museums Culture.” I chose this topic because I believe that art and design should unify people than create and enforce societal division. From question the status quo to establishing economic structures, art and design have had a tremendous contribution. But due to an overpowering capitalistic and neoliberal approach, art has become a niche and a hobby for only those who have gone beyond “survival.” It is because of this, art has become more and more unapproachable for the majority of people.

The impact of this 'Elitist, Pro-Aesthetic' culture has been such that art is only considered “art” if it is in a museum or an art gallery. But at the same time, people have taken this opportunity to turn anything and everything into a valuable piece of art. From the taped banana to eating the same and calling it “performance art” to even installing a “crumpled paper” as an art piece to represent the “creative process,” people have turned simple objects into art to feel inclusive and to retain that feeling of intellect and superiority.

This project tackles and challenges a few aspects of the elitism that prevails in the art world by taking on an art gallery website called “DAG World.”