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Bhavyaa Kumar

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Socially Responsive Advertising - Heineken
Applied Experimental Typography - DAG World
UI/UX - UniCon App



Socially Responsive Advertising - Heineken

Through the six spheres, the project aims to highlight how sustainability has been woven into Heineken's strategy-driven solutions toward a better future. The interventions focus on the political sphere, the environmental sphere, the spiritual sphere, and the social sphere.

The goal is to demonstrate how Heineken has been confronting societal concerns by producing new products and making reforms. An assortment of brief infographics for social media have been used to illustrate this. To maintain faithful to the company's branding, I've substituted a beer glass for the conventional forms and icons in the infographics.

Staying consistent with the brand’s voice and messaging, I’ve developed a series of 2 posters using their minimalistic and simple language. One represents their political Worlds Apart campaign. Using strong imagery of diversity and using a Heineken bottle cap, it communicates “more that connects us than separates us”. This poster demonstrates their efforts to promote peaceful conflict resolution while aiming to be more diverse and inclusive.

Their contribution to sustainability and having a beneficial impact on the planet is shown by the other poster. Along with, their resolve to weave sustainability into the foundation of their new strategy for balanced growth.

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