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Bhavyaa Kumar



UI/UX - UniCon App

Of all the status-quos that Covid-19 has disrupted, the education industry has perhaps faced the biggest challenge. It has never been interrupted at the fundamental level globally until now. Therefore, making it crucial for us to monitor how this industry is adopting strategies and technologies, to curtail the impact of Covid-19 on students' futures.

This app is aimed to encourage & invigorate how students interact outside of their class. Based on the learnings, I propose to create an App that enables students from different universities to collaborate and provide them with a chance of creating a network. It is aimed at being a platform for sharing knowledge and creating an eco-system where students can discuss and help each other with assignments, projects, etc. It is to promulgate a more cohesive and more collaborative behavior amongst students. In the current times, students need to have a platform where they are encouraged to explore more and expand their POV and perspective. It will encourage creativity, discussions, learning, & a holistic approach to design.

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