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Chinese Symbols in Australia

Chinese symbols in Australia is a practice-based research project. It attempts to explore and reveal Chinese history and cultural development through symbols in Australia. It started with the inquiry of using Chinese symbols in the cultural environment at the backdrop of globalisation. By asking the question,  “how does a communication designer construct historical and cultural symbols through local knowledge?” the project set out to seek a way of building new symbols by local practice. Local knowledge has shown a perspective of historical particularism. It requires us to recognise the rich regional culture through practical activities and distinguish it from global or universal knowledge, which is to acknowledge the differences between the Chinese symbols in Australia and China, rather than emphasising the immutable meaning of Chinese symbols in a global interpretation.  

This research project is based on theories of Pierce's semiotics, which symbol stands for an object based on conventional reasons, as well as Bourdieu's cultural fieldwork, Foucault's knowledge of archaeology, Derrida’s Archive Fever. Also, it is accomplished by the practice of history and culture study, interviews, poster design and book design. It also seeks possibilities of Chinese culture design in Australia in a multicultural environment.

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