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Shivani Chaudhary

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Grid Skeletons


Grid Skeletons

Researching, Analysing and Interpreting the Master of Communication Design cohort has provided inside access into the students and their individuality, identity and issues of concern within their personal design realm. Many topics were investigated across social, political, economic and environmental traits, all affecting design and the world. This series aims to integrate the nature of grids affiliated with context and research by showcasing the beauty of grids created by the Master of Communica- tion Design 2021 cohort of Research posters.
Considering 2023 is in a state of remission from past bruises caused
by Covid-19, this project allowed us to understand and identify insights unique to the time. The vast majority of students explored research topics with negative connotations rather than positive ones. This factor could be an underlying reason for students’ viewing the design industry critically.