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Feed The Right Things To The Right Monster - Recycling Campaign

Bins play essential roles in the environment. People generate trash every day; it is similar to developing monsters. If we do not put the right trash in the right bins, it would be affecting our environment and our life. In addition, the research illustrates that Victorians are not correctly sorting their household waste which causes contamination (sustainability Victoria 2020).

In this campaign ”Feed the right things to the right monster”, I applied the cute disciplines are “blending of human and nonhuman forms”, “the blurred gender”, “darker, more uncertain, and more ambiguous” characters into the recycling campaign, aiming with ‘Invite Participation’, ‘Transform Environment and Experience’, ‘Reveal Reality’, ‘Alter Perception’ , ‘Create Disruption’,’ Political Expression’(Duncombe 2016).
The campaign strategy is to create rubbish monsters’ characters to personify the problem and encourage engagement. The campaign rolled out across print media and trucks, and DIY bin stickers.


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