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I Miss You So Much

All the posters are themed on sacrificial culture, but I chose different ideas and designed different names for these five posters. Some of the people targeted are people who know the sacrificial culture themselves. These posters can make them more clearly realize the importance of preserving the sacrificial culture. Another part of people who do not know the sacrificial culture can also learn the important form of sacrificial culture and the value ignored by mainstream media through this series of posters. In this series of posters. I selected documentary photography about sacrifice as the design material and used black, white and yellow as the main colors, interspersed with two different fonts, one is sans serif font, the other is handwritten font. The sentence “I miss you so much” appears in all five posters. which is also the spzritual significance surrounding the whole sacrificial culture — keeping mourning.

Design Inspiration: Photo Book: A Way to Remember


Poster 1: CREATE A NEW WORLD The name of the first poster is “CREATE A NEW liVORLD”, and there is A sentence in the poster as preserving the sacrificial culture, preserving the new world. This poster shows the process of making sacrificial supplies, hoping to preserve the sacrificial culture. In the sacrificial culture. the traditional handicraft of making sacrificial articles is indispensable. The masters who make sacrificial articles create a variety of articles with paper through their own techniques, as if creating a new world for the dead. Preserving the sacrificial culture. but also keep up a new world, people will have lost loved ones in this new world, in the spirit world coexist with us, just changed a way to accompany in our side. the new world by default into a parallel universe, it exists in everyone’s heart, and it is also the meaning of sacrifice culture.

The second poster is “SEALED MEMORIES”. There is a sentence in the poster: “preserving the sacrificial culture, keeping our memories”. In this poster, I selected many different photography works related to sacrifice as the material, and all the pictures were designed and placed in the same size square. This expresses the ‘box’ of memories that people keep in their minds, where they seal up the lost person and the love, thoughts and rnernories of them, as if they are put into one box after another. And the sacrificial culture is like, at a certain time, people will open these boxes, to give their memories an outlet, a good mourning for the dead people. Preserving the culture of sacrifice, preserving the memories of those past.

The name of the third poster is “BURNING MEMORIAL”, and a sentence in the poster is “preserving the sacrificial culture, retaining the habit of mourning”. Burning paper money is the most common way of sacrifice. On the day of sacrifice, people will burn coins made of paper and present them in real form with daily necessities in real life. After burning, it means to turn into ashes and go to the “New World” hoping that the deceased people can live a happy and happy life in the new world. While preserving the sacrificial culture, we still retain the habit of mourning.

The name of the third poster is “THE DAY OF MOURNING”, and there is a sentence in the poster “preserving the sacrificial culture, preserving ‘time gate’ of mourning”. In this poster, I redesigned different photographic works and combined the sacrificial supplies vdith the Chinese calendar to express the importance of time selection in sacrificial culture. In China, people have a traditional way of counting the years. The calendar in the poster shows the traditional Chinese way of counting the years -- the lunar calendar. In sacrificial culture, the choice of time is very important Preserving the sacrificial culture and respecting the choice of time in the sacrificial culture is just like preserving a “time gate” for mourning and seizing the time when the real world connects with the “new world”.

The last poster is titled “VIRTUAL COMPANION”, and there is a sentence in the poster that is “preserving the sacrificial culture. preserving the way of mourning”. Used in the poster of photography is a photo of paper doll, this is the sacrifice culture often see things. People will use different paper to make dolls and burn them to the deceased to express a kind of virtual companionship, hoping that the paper dolls can replace themselves to accompany those who have died in another “new world”.