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Shuai Shao

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Publication Design

Welcome to Re:Tech, and the infinite possibility of technologies, whether it's the most sought-after, the highly exquisite or the state-of-the-art.

Through features, tech guides and insight articles from industry experts, Re:Tech is the growing catalyst of using technologies in your exhibition space. We’re here to keep you updated the goings on around tech and digital innovations, and to cover, analyse and comment on it all with preofessional articles, thought-provoking case studies and smart, clean design.

Our aim is not simply to tell you about a new technology been invented – we’ll spend time researching, reflecting on the precedents, and talk to the designers that designed these technologies. What we’re excited about is not led by overwhelming exaggerations, but specifics. We don’t want to tell you what you should/could do with your exhibitions. But by telling you why these technologies may help you, and how they works, and where you can find them, we want to add to your insight into what makes a 21st century exhibition exciting and mesmerizing.

Re:Tech believes that traditional exhibition spaces such as museums and galleries need to adapt to the fast-changing digital age to stay relevant and provide meaningful visiting experiences to their audiences. We want this publication to be a stepping stone for the exhibition curators to dive into how digital technologies can benefit them and their audiences in different ways.

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