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Ojasvee Jain

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Unfolding Type



Unfolding Type

As the name suggested, unfolding the hidden and unnoticed Devanagari type in this book. Devanagari is an ancient Brahmi script which is developed in ancient India. It is used to write Sanskrit, Präkrit, Hindi, Marathi, and Nepali languages. As
Hindi is one of the official languages of India, you could find a lot of Devanagari handwritten letters on shops and trucks as a decorating element. But in the past few decades, this decorating typography started being noticed by the designer an considered an important element.

This book is a reflection on the history of the Devanagari script and how it is growing and spreading in the contemporary world of design. Moreover, to gain a detailed understanding of the Devanagari type, I included the technical aspects.
Further, this publication comprises articles focusing on the evolution of the type and growing type community in India. From beautiful street type to Truck art type Devanagari type is everywhere. So, lastly, in order to the versatility of the Devana-gari type, I included a few articles that showcase it.

As an editorial approach, I was more inclined toward designing a book based on contemporary ideology. Since we are talking about the versatility of type here, the contemporary publication has full freedom to experiment with not just type but with all the elements. As this book somewhere indirectly reflects India, I wanted to
it more colourful and lively to give it a feel of a country it makes it more connected. In terms of the typeface. I choose the Future PT typeface with a different font style for the body copy because of its clarity and excellent readability even in a small size. Moreover for the Devanagari script and Devanagari numbers in the book I choose Adobe Devanagari typeface as it was looking modern and clean