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Mingwang Cao



Where is my home

The whole world has been continuously destroyed by human activity in recent years. Climate change caused by global warming has intensified, glaciers are melting, and forest vegetation is constantly being destroyed, causing many animals to lose the homes on which they depend for their survival. National wars are occurring, displacing countless people. All these activities are causing enormous damage to the world. Through the 'Where is my home' poster series, we hope to draw the attention of the government and the public to this issue, and to raise awareness and reflect on it. Everyone should take part in protecting our environment and our home, and resist all activities that destroy the environment and undermine world peace.

The three posters in the series are in black and white, with bears, penguins and children representing the ecology of our world and human beings, standing in the places they depend on to survive and crying out, this is their inner voice - "Where is our home?" Why are our homes being destroyed and where are we going?