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Siqing Gong



Visible Housework

In the research project, I want to use design ways to make domestic work visible and respected in a family. Housework is used ignoring by people because it is a fragment on daily basis. People do not know how much time someone who take more housework will spend on housework. I realize it is difficult to convert the perspective that men and women need to share housework properly or women should not think housework is their obligation. In a family, someone must take more housework. If the design is feminist, women decide to convert their views. So who should do more housework.? So my design work is about a “Quiet Protest” and “Activism In a Family” that hopes more family members can engage in housework, women’s labor should be acknowledged, and government should consider how to make the housewife return to the workplace. Most importantly, people should give more respect and appreciation to someone who take more housework in a family.