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Digital Storytelling Can Be an Effective Means to Bridge Audiences and Exhibitions

This research project is an investigation into the means of digital storytelling and how to use it as a tool to significantlybridge audiences and exhibitions, to encourage the young audience to visit more exhibitions.The project seeks ways to make three briefs about digital storytelling and translate them into key findings and new knowledge for both designer and reader to learn and reflect upon.

I created three briefs with three different animation trailers from my selected exhibtions. In my first project, I selected an exhibition “The Joseph Brown Collection” from NGV to develop my digital storytelling. The story is about a girl who passes to the painting world. I used the paintings offered by Joseph Brown in the exhibition as a theme to bring the audience to the painting world.

In my second project, I made a character animation trailer for an exhibition “Kaws: companionship in the age of loneliness” created by an artist Brain Donnelly. The story is about Kaws’ characters walking down to the street, reuniting and celebrating Kaws’ anniversary.

In my third project, I incorporated all the ideas and things I learned from Project 1 and 2 to make my third animated trailer. Project 3 is an animated trailer about the lifestyle of Moga from my selected exhibition “Japanese modernism” from NGV. This exhibition displays Japanese traditional art and aesthetics interacted with European life an d culture around the early 1920s to late 1930s. It mainly features major work by young female ar tists of the era – some paintings and fashion by young Japanese artists. The story is about the lifestyle of young women known as Moga and their movement in that era. They changed tradition by seeking financial and emotional independence and adopting Western fashion styles and behaviours, as well as social and financial liberation.

This research project has been an investigation on how to use digital storytelling as a tool to attract young audiences to visit more exhibitions and how to make good digital story to become a digital storyteller; it also evaluates my knowledge and technical skills through the design process and experience. While making excellent digital storytelling, we need to consider more about the needs and desire of the target audiences, the interpretation to the character design which can evoke audience emotion and effectively use the backgro und to structure better storytelling, scene transition and micro-interaction. Good digital storytelling cannot live without any of them.

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Passes to the painting world ︎︎︎

Kaws: companionship in the age of loneliness ︎︎︎

The lifestyle of Moga ︎︎︎