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Mythical theatre

Mythical theatre is a gender-neutral packaging design based on my selected toys “unicorns”. The reason I picked unicorn is that I found that unicorns are mostly for girls today, so I want to find a way to make it gender-neutral for both boys and girls. The theatre box is made of wooden oak because it fits in with the theatre idea, and it is environmentally friendly plus has long-term durability. I designed a logo; drawn some scenery illustrations, designed the structure and inside items for different themes for range of toy packaging.

The Logo design is mostly intense red like theatre, like the theatre which creates a sense of the mythical behind the red logo, which also matches the red curtain. The Logo is like a unicorn beside the left curtain, looking like he has already shown you his performance. Also the intense red colour really stands out and makes a high contrast to the pure oak wood. The audiences can understand my toy packaging is about theatre and unicorns just by looking at the logo. The typography I selected is “Burford base”; this font usually has used real theatre print and advertising. The font is weathered and textured alternatively and works perfectly on wood surface as well.

The theatre box is gender-neutral, it targets children around 5-12 years old, also for families aiming for high value and quality. Mythical theatre can help increase creativity and imagiation, dynamism, interaction with others, and allows multi players.

The Mythical Theatre brings you to the Mythical world with all the mythical creatures such as unicorns and Pegasus; when you are in the theatre, anything can happen, you are the director, actor or actress on your stage. Excitement and joy overcome you. Let’s create your own story and start your new journey to the Mythical theatre.

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