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Wenhao Zheng



Experimental Typography

I think the body is the closest thing related to people, and it is also the easiest and most direct way to convey information besides words. So I use the body as the carrier of font design.
Starting with Jessica Svendsen’s design philosophy’ Make it new’. The design goes beyond just explaining the font form other than the text. Combining the style of Matisse’s ‘Fauves’. Use the most primitive and concise lines to depict the rhythms and emotions of the human body to form fonts and convey information.
And Jessica Svendsen's design tends to be modern designism, focusing on simplicity and directness. She is good at directly using the font as the main body of the poster to express the theme of the poster. So I followed Jessica's way of designing posters, directly using fonts as the main body and typographically design in a concise and effective way of presentation. The large area of blank space is to leave plenty of imaginative space for the audience. Let the audience fully feel the feeling and meaning brought by the glyphs, and feel the glyphs themselves. As Jessica Svendsen said: the form could not only illuminate the meaning of the text, but also create new meaning.