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STAND TALL AND SPEAK OUT — Women of the West

This exhibition, “Women of the West- STAND TALL AND SPEAK OUT” will be installed at the LMW buildings, featuring the history of women of the West who contributed to West Melbourne where they lived. The narrative is each pioneer has her contribution timeline. The logo concept is Women, West, History, Stand tall and Speak out, which apply the relative symbols and characters to present this spirit. In addition, a vintage colour palette indicates history. The exhibition’s highlights are to apply portrait illustration to show consistency throughout the entire design rather than photography. When each panel is displayed individually, the colour, geometric background, and icon help communicate and showcase the connection and distinction. Therefore, as visitors enter, they can either follow the colour to explore the pioneers' stories from one to another or walk randomly amongst the different displays. Expanding design Due to COVID 19, we are unable to visit the museum. The positive of this is that this is an excellent time to create a digital platform for this exhibition. Furthermore, the promotion for this site is considered.

*The information might be inaccurate on the website, as the purpose of the website is to show the concept.

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