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Zeyuan (John) Yin



MYKi Cute Card Collection

Inspired by the mascot culture in Japan, I decided to re-design four mascots for the PTV based on the traffic lines in Victoria. They have different colors based on their original colors in the traffic system. They have different characteristics to show different kinds of cuteness through the different designs of the character's eyes. For example, because tram is the slowest public transport of all, I decided to design a pair of eyes will dullness to emphasize the idea. The bus driver always drives so fast if no one touches the stop button, so I have a design for the bus that looks so flustered on the IC card design. Because V-line is the traffic line for visitors traveling outside of Melbourne, the character design for V-line will always look so curious about everything it sees throughout the journey. Last but not least, the train's character design will look steady throughout time because it is stable and reliable for most office workers during working days. I hope my project's cute design can emphasize the cuteness of these traffic mascots and convey happiness and entertaining elements through the cute design on the Myki card this time.