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Zeyuan (John) Yin



Chicken Parma Publication Design

Based on our concept of ‘serve the book as a dish,’ the book here becomes something edible so that everyone can enjoy the experience of reading books published by Chicken Parma. It brings satisfaction like satiety which is similar to what fond brings us. To achieve this goal, we combine book and food delivery services as the format for our publication. Food delivery service provides excellent help and has become more critical than expected. Especially in the pandemic, it is the bridge to build the connection between home and the outside world. And the book is one of the traditional ways to learn about the world. We read it and reflect on ourselves to enrich our inner world. They are different but essential at the same time. We hope this combination can provide a playful experience for the readers. Furthermore, it responds to our ideas, such as freedom of expression and being popular in the crowded, just like chicken parma in Australia.