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Publication Design: Seven Weeks

This publication is part of a series of publications called Seven Weeks. As the name suggests, it documents the various research, tasks, and activities of the studio over seven weeks in 2022 S1. The main source of inspiration for the book design was the “cassette tape”, meaning a tape that records the contents of the 7-week of tasks.

Three authors designed three individual books representing the three components of the tape - the top, the inside and the bottom. In this way, our books form a complete tape.

As an individual author, the part I designed is the A side of the book series, also is the side A of the tape.My main inspiration for the design is vintage pictorials from the 80s and vintage cassette tapes. The tapes represent a meaningful record and memories.So my overall design style is vintage and I use some elegant, retro fonts.I also used some elements from the tapes in the cover and interior of the book.