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Stand by YOU Community

The year 2020 brought us one of the biggest challenges that we as humanity are facing — Covid-19. Covid-19 has brought a rude awakening to the potential of the existential threats facing humanity today. We have both the rare opportunity and the essential need for reinvention. It is recognised that many other cataclysmic events may emerge in the near future. For humanity to thrive, we must prepare for and respond to these events with forbearance and creativity. With life potentially unable to continue as before and with a view to fruitfully moving past these undetermined periods, urgent new ideas and amelioration for the rethinking of physical spaces, necessary products, tools, communications, and progress are needed...

In this project, we developed a project to contribute and to solve one of the biggest problems that most people are facing and feeling in today’s world — loneliness. Loneliness is something that anyone of us can experience, be disturbed by or even feel sick or depressed by. We witness that it affects a lot of people from all kinds of backgrounds and age groups, whether they are married or single, whether they are having kids or not, whether they are young or old, everyone may experience loneliness.

Loneliness isn’t a problem that is faced by just a few, it is a phenomenon that is widespread and can hit anyone at any time. Our design is a community platform called STAND BY YOU. This platform target people who are experiencing the feeling of loneliness and aims to bring them together globally or locally. Our challenge lies in designing a platform that will include everyone. This platform is designed for humanity. Therefore, our actions are carefully studied to not affect the environment or other human beings in a harmful way.

Our research and own experience showed that creating a community to connect with can be incredibly empowering. Key insights were also that it is essential to create an infrastructure for shared activities as this helps tremendously in forming long-lasting connections between people. By offering such a space we seek to help to make this world a little better, step by step.

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