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Hiroshima Appeals Poster Archives

Brief form NGV Book Fair
A s restrictions relating to COVID-19 continue to virtualise the culture and creative industries, the design and organisation of material in archives and collections is more and more important. ‘Republishing the archive’ looks at how design can curate archival material, asking: how can we re-evaluate the past through the organisation and design of an archive?

The Archive
The “Hiroshima Appeals” political poster series project was produced to commemorate the first atomic bomb explosion in history. The project aims to bring the appeal for world peace to a mass audience, the posters are designed to give voice to the “Hiroshima’s Spirit” from a pure, neutral standpoint.

My Response My design strategy was to create a printed archive book and a digital archive. The book archive adopted techniques such as laser-cut, pop-up pages, and the use of different paper stocks that can possibly enhance the meaning of posters. The digital archive aim to explore the possibility of future publication by integrating the area of curation. In doing so, we can help the audience understand the poster in a better, clearer way, and even add some extra meaning to the posters which can help increase the audience’s reading experience, and make a historical, political archive more interesting to read and easier to understand.

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