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The Power of Cute:
Redesigning YouTube Kid’s Privacy Policy

This project aimed to take something visually boring and use cute aesthetics to improve its communication.

YouTube Kid's is a video app and website targeted at children. The purpose of the privacy notice is to inform users of the information YouTube Kid’s collects, how they use the information, and how they share that information.

Children and parents need to understand the potential consequences of using YouTube kids before agreeing to consume the service. The current Privacy Policy does not communicate these consequences in a visual language or a vocabulary appropriate. In addition to the privacy risks, there are also psychological risks of consuming YouTube Kid’s.

My project aims to use ‘cute’ design to communicate these risks in a manner that engages and educates children and parents with a language they will connect with.

The use of a ‘cute’ character is employed to engage the user, evoke emotion, connection
and trust. The character, ‘Bulbo’, is presented in a manner to evoking intimacy and authenticity. I achieve this though communicating playfulness, infancy, vulnerability, inability, and unexpectedness. I use round shapes, movement, exaggeration, juxtaposition and chubbiness.